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Pool Table Re-Felting

Pool Table Re-Felting

After years of playing on a pool table, you may find yourself with a need to replace pool table cloth.

When you decide to re-felt a pool table, it is almost like playing on a brand new table—especially if the professionals who re-cover your pool table have significant experience and precisely level your pool table in the process.

Why else would you want to replace the cloth on a pool table?

In some cases, you may want a different color of pool table fabric or different grade of billiard cloth. You pick the color and grade, and we will come to your home, remove the rails, apply the new fabric to the six rails, stretch and staple the fabric to the slate frame and place shims under the legs to give you a rough level. For a small additional fee, we can precisely level your table by removing the slate hardware to balance, level, and re-seam your slates.

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